Public Transportation

Indian cities, especially the smart cities being created are fast emerging as engines of economic growth. This rapid growth presents a huge opportunity to create more sustainable modes of mobility. India is fast tracking the completion of Metro Rail in most of the cities and also implementing Bus Rapid Transit systems. Also, being initiated are programmes for multimodal integration, shared mobility and deployment of commercial electric vehicles

The MRTS has created demand for solutions like modern Communication Systems, Smart Card Ticketing,GPS, ITS, access controlsystems, CCTV cameras, station and in-vehicle safety and lighting systems, elevators & escalators, passenger in formation system and programming & scheduling system.

  • Automatic doors (Automatic doors for train, metro and buses, internal doors and loading doors for trains)
  • Access control Systems
  • Sliding steps
  • Rail communication Network
  • Mobile ticketing
  • E-ticketing / smart cards
  • Modern Simulation training systems
  • Integrated communication systems
  • Rail Signaling
  • Public transport HVAC systems(Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Public Transport interior: seats, lighting, flooring, audio-video systems
  • Public Transport exterior: tyres, brake systems, electrical systems, cabin and body
  • Metro station Construction and equipment
  • Products and Services for passenger with disabilities
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Metro coaches / Buses


Supporting Organisations